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FreeeUp connects businesses with reliable freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, virtual assistance, and web development.

Hire top talent that's already been interviewed and tested

Tell us exactly who you need, we'll introduce you to a worker, and you make the hire!

Save Time On the Front End

No more recruiting

Let the marketplace handle that for you.

All workers are tested

The marketplace interviews and tests all workers for you.

Define your perfect worker

Describe the skill set and desired hourly rate.

Meet a match FAST

Get introduced to a worker within 24 business hours.

How It Works

The marketplace recruits, interviews, and tests hundreds of freelancers allowing only the top 1% into the network. You gain access as soon as you create your free account.

1. Request

Provide all of the details of the worker you are looking to hire. Skill, hours, schedule, etc.

2. Hire

You are introduced to the best worker within the pre-vetted network.

3. Manage

Start working with your new freelancer. Manage and pay your worker through the FreeeUp platform.

4. Low Turnover

Never take a step backwards. FreeeUp replaces any workers that quit and pays re-training costs.

Stay Protected On the Back End

Don't worry about turnover

The marketplace replaces workers immediately if they quit.

24/7 customer service

You always have someone to speak with at FreeeUp.

Top level communication

Workers respond within 24 business hours.

In it for the long run

FreeeUp teaches you to integrate and manage your workers.

Hear From Clients Hiring With FreeeUp

Ben Cummings | Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan | Owner of DamienCoughlan.com

"FreeeUp is hands down the best company for hiring remote workers I have ever worked with. When I need a worker, instead of taking a week or more with other companies, I just let them know exactly what I need in plain English, and they usually have someone who can help me within minutes. Some of my best workers have come from this company."

Shawn Mayo | Founder of ShawnMayo.com

"FreeeUp is awesome! What a great idea to have a company screen and only hire the best in different fields. I've used several to get my products on Amazon, recreate my PowerPoint, design a new logo, and update my website. Saves me so much time instead of reviewing all of the different freelancers myself. The FreeeUp team is quick to respond and helpful when I need a project done right away."

Pam Goodwin | CEO of Goodwin Commercial

Companies Hiring with FreeeUp

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Nathan Hirsch | CEO of FreeeUp

Speak with a FreeeUp Expert

Schedule a free 30 minute phone call with Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of FreeeUp, to learn more about how we work with clients.

He will answer any questions you have about hiring through the FreeeUp marketplace and provide options for your given situation.

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